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School Events

Involved Entertainment LLC provides exceptional entertainment based off the students and their creativity. By doing this we hope to change the way school dances are performed, and offer an exciting and more personal atmosphere to these events. We do this by offering the very best in sound, lighting, special effects, cinematography, and photography. We offer services such as the creation of posters and T-Shirts, as well as a free music portal to commemorate the night. Our Radio style DJ’s showcase their talent through the use of turntables, mixing, and the production of live music. Our working professionals in the field will help enhance your experience. Thus students are not only welcome but encouraged to use our resources to create something of their own. Schedule a free consultation today!

Services include the best in:


-High-grade sound 

-Custom built stage lighting

-Special Effects (C02 Cannons, bubbles and snow)



Prom Season
Play Video

-DJs with radio stlye mixing on turntables 

-Live music production using local talent from colleges/universities

-Custom event posters

-Custom T-Shirts 

-Free online music portal (Coming Soon!)